Tree of Knowledge

“The Presh may know little about this time, but the same applies to Magicals against the Presh. They look at so much more time, so much more experience.” Tory from the small Tree Legend: Blue–> Friendship Red–> Love Green–> Family Brown–> Fiend

Tekliß – no tomorrow

Blood – “Where are the Old Deus” Tekliß – “Go to hell There is no Old Deus, they are fairy tales, religion, and superstition no less and no more.” Blood – “Where are the Old Deus” Tekliß – “What? You are crazy. There are no Old Deus and if they ever existed, they have not been around for a long time.” Blood – “Throw them out of the Airlock” Blood – from the third of his blood

Blood – Rage

They who are called Old Deus. Blood shall be the Shield of my Love and Blood shall be the Sea in which they drown. Pluto – from the third of his blood

Lithium – Beginnings

And it was quiet and dark, the machines that were just howling, crunching and seemed almost too burst made no noise. The light that in front of us disappeared as fast as it came back in an even brighter rainbow which opened up in front of our eyes like a thousand suns, but even its light falls behind us and disappeared as fast and released the space for the infinity of nothingsness Taska from the first of the lithium – Day 0 of the new Era